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Dental assistant program in Shreveport

Dental Assisting Program Student Info

Our course is designed to give our students maximum “hands-on” training in a real dental office. The dental office is closed to the public to not put the students under great stress while in a learning phase.

There are NO real patients to be alarmed by the “just learning” types of mistakes and no demanding dentists to criticize your lack of experience.

This is a real school. You are not expected to already know everything.

You are just expected to work hard, study well, and LEARN!

The teaching is stimulating, fast-paced, and relies heavily on your participation.

The largest size each group will be one instructor per ten students to insure personal attention and a worthwhile learning experience.

An excellent textbook is used(yes, there are reading assignments and homework) so classroom time can be spent learning the “hands on” dental school training.

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  • DON'T BUY ANY BOOKS. We provide all the materials you need for dental school
  • 90% of dental assisting students get hired immediately after graduating
  • Classes are Tuesday & Thursday nights to work around busy daytime schedules
  • Hand on training so our dental school students


  • 1945 E 70th St Ste F, Shreveport, Louisiana 71105
  • (318) 797-1156